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Inlays & Onlays

In dentistry inlays are part of the indirect dental restorations procedures. Sometimes working directly on the damaged or fractured tooth may result in more damage as the integrity of the tooth is already compromised hence the dentist will choose inlay treatment by taking and impression of the damaged tooth and building related composite filling outside the mouth.Furthermore, when an inlay treatment is chosen the margin line between restored area and tooth may be finished and polished to a very fine line of contact to minimize recurrent decay and damage. It should be noted that although inlays are more expensive choice of treatment vs. direct filling restorations it is evident that inlays offer superior resistance to occlusal forces, protection against recurrent decay, meticulousness of fabrication, marginal reliability, proper contouring for gingival tissue health, and ease of cleaning after treatment which is essential for maintaining the health of damaged teeth.

Inlays & Onlays

An onlay treatment is also considered an indirect dental restoration treatment however it defers from inlay by treating fracture and decay in the areas of damaged tooth where inlay method can’t be used such as cuspal fracture or in the case in undermined tooth wall and perimeters are indicated. The key contribution of onlay treatment is the conservation of the tooth structure and walls. It should be noted that both inlay and onlay can be fabricated at MDOC CEREC (CAD/CAM) machine directly.


Merhi Dental & Orthodontic Center offers several inlay and onlay treatment type services however we can’t advise you to get this treatment unless you have been checked by one of our dentists. Only your attending dentist can diagnose your case thus he or she can prescribe the best treatment plan for you. 

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