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Considered as a new field of density, Periodontology deals with the structure surrounding the tooth along with disease which affect them. For example, problems related to the gums (gingiva), PDL also known as Periodontal fiber and Cementum. The dentist who is specialized in the works mentioned above is known as Periodontist.


It should be noted that Merhi Dental and Orthodontic Center offers Periodontics dental services however we can’t advise you to get any unless you have been checked by our Periodontist. Only your attending dentist can diagnose your case thus he or she can prescribe the best treatment plan for you.


MDOC highly encourages all visiting patients to ask their attending patients about the pros and cons of Periodontics treatment. There are some inherent risks which should be considered prior and after having periodontics therapy. Safety comes first, hence it is imperative that all patients fully understand risks associated with periodontics treatment.


Patients are expected to sign and accept MDOC consent forms. In these consent forms your dentist will walk you through the most common risks and side effects related to your periodontics procedure.


For legal reason MDOC dentists will not be able to perform any dental procedure (including periodontics surgery) should the patient refuse to sign consent forms related to his/her treatment plan.  


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