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Whitening & Bleaching

Whitening and Bleaching is commonly used to achieve a bright sparkling smile. There are several different techniques to whitening and bleach your teeth.  In general, when whitening your teeth, the bleach applied attacks the highly colored organic molecules that lodge between the crystals of tooth enamel hence the belched tooth regains its original crisp white color (note: this is not always the case).

However, it should be noted that regardless of the whitening and bleaching technique used a prevalent side effect will be an increased tooth sensitivity sense. This is why patients should not hesitate to ask attending dentist at MDOC for the best technique to use in order to minimize tooth sensitivity side effects. 


It should be noted that Merhi Dental and Orthodontic Center offers several types of whitening and bleaching services however we can’t advise you to get this treatment unless you have been checked by one of our dentists. Only your attending dentist can diagnose your case thus he or she can prescribe the best treatment plan for you. 

Whitening & Bleaching

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